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19th June 2013

Kick Pedal Electric Scooter for Urban Commuter

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The designers at Scrooser have introduced the most beautiful electric scooter we have ever encountered, and this thing is perfect for city commuters.

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18th June 2013

Scrooser at Kickstarter

A few days ago, the team of the start-up SCROOSER Manufactory in Dresden, Germany launched its project SCROOSER on the most successful crowdfunding platform Now, they have 30 days to reach the goal of US$ 120,000 in order to get started with the serial production. KICKSTARTER

The design and mobility concept stands out from the market through the approach of creating more mobility combined with less traffic and pollution. Since eMobility alone does not solve all traffic problems, the project also focuses on intelligent movement in urban areas by saving a lot of time when it comes to covering short distances. Based on a classic scooter, a modern, extravagant mobility solution has been developed that turns its original idea into something completely new. The result, a lifestyle city scooter with a pulse operation mode based on an electric motor is extraordinary but still suitable for the daily use. It is of premium quality and reflects true high-tech. Also, unlike many other means of transportation, this mobility solution neither requires a license, a helmet or an official concession. For those who get bored of just walking and driving, and for those that think cycling is not their personal style, our urban mobile will be the solution. Crowdfunding is the realization of products through the financial support of many people called “Backers”. Main reasons for them to help companies financing their projects are either charitable causes (simply seeing the project become reality) or the support for some kind of reward called “Pledge”. According to the guidelines of the money is only transferred if the funding goal is reached or even exceeded within a certain time.

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12th June 2013

Kickstart for Scrooser


DRESDEN / NEW YORK CITY. The Scrooser Manufactory, a German start-up that deals with urban mobility backs on crowdfunding: the company wants to collect US$ 120,000 within the next 30 days in order to bring its entry into the trendmarket...

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10th June 2013

Scrooser Electric Kick Paddle Scooter



The Scrooser is a new urban electric scooter being developed in Germany that you can ride on the sidewalk. The scooter works like a regular push scooter, but when you push off the ground, the engine engages and keeps the speed of your last push off. If you...

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